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Our Disciplinary Templates Toolkit empowers effective management, ensuring fair and consistent handling of disciplinary processes.

If you're faced with the challenging task of handling disciplinary action, our templates will give you the tools to ensure that the process is handled correctly.

Our toolkit includes a range of templates that are designed to simplify the disciplinary process, save you time and effort, and ensure compliance with all relevant employment legislation. From initial investigation to the disciplinary hearing itself, our templates cover all the necessary documents required to carry out a fair and legally compliant disciplinary action.

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What is a Disciplinary Procedure?

Disciplinary procedures are a set way for an employer to deal with disciplinary issues. For example, a manager may be concerned about an employee's work, their general conduct or an unauthorised absence.

Disciplinary procedures are an aid to effective management, to be used primarily as a means of modifying people’s behaviour in line with the organisation’s aims – not just as a mechanism for imposing sanctions. If disciplinary rules and procedures are written correctly and used effectively, not only should the work place be a happier working environment but will minimise the potential of being taken to an Employment Tribunal.

Disciplinary pack
disciplinary pack
disciplinary pack

Which legal requirements and best practices should employers keep in mind?

  • All workers must have a written statement of terms and conditions of employment that includes disciplinary rules and processes, or the employee must be directed to another conveniently available document that includes those rules and procedures.

  • With a quiet word, many disciplinary concerns may be settled informally. However, if an informal resolution is not possible, a disciplinary procedure will be established to address the matter.

  • Before dismissal, most disciplinary procedures provide for verbal, written, and final warnings. However, certain behaviour may be deemed as so serious that it will be regarded as gross misconduct and will often justify summary dismissal (without warnings or notice).

  • The facts of the case must be thoroughly scrutinised before convening a disciplinary hearing and deciding on the appropriate sentence in every individual situation. The more severe the issue, the more thorough the investigation should be.

  • No disciplinary action should be taken until the employee has given his or her side of the story.

  • An employee who receives disciplinary action should always have the option to appeal the decision.

What's included?

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Our Guide to Chairing a Disciplinary Hearing ensures confident and fair hearings, helping managers navigate disciplinary processes effectively.

If you are considering conducting a disciplinary investigation, use this guide to help you carry it out it legally and effectively.


Use this model disciplinary policy to help and encourage employees to improve, achieve and maintain standards of conduct, attendance and job performance.

Use this if you require a robust and practical Suspension policy.


Our Concern about absence Letter template assists employers in addressing and expressing concerns regarding an employee's absence from work.

Our Concern about Conduct Letter Template helps address behavioural issues promptly, promoting a harmonious and professional workplace.

Our Disciplinary Appeal Hearing Invitation Letter Template facilitates transparent communication, ensuring a structured process for appeal hearings.

Our Disciplinary Appeal Hearing Outcome Confirmation Letter Template ensures clear communication of the final decision, promoting fairness and transparency.

Our Disciplinary Decision Appeal Letter Template supports fair processes, providing a platform for employees to address concerns and seek resolution.

If you are considering taking disciplinary action against an employee, issue this model disciplinary hearing invitation letter template.

Our Disciplinary Hearing Result Letter Template ensures clear communication of outcomes, promoting transparency and fair resolution.

Our Disciplinary Investigation No Further Action Letter Template provides closure, informing employees of the investigation outcome with clarity and fairness.

Our Disciplinary Outcome Appeal Letter Template empowers employees to seek fair resolution, addressing concerns and ensuring procedural fairness.

Our Final Written Warning Letter Template addresses repeated or serious issues, emphasising consequences and setting clear expectations for improvement.

Our First Written Warning for Lateness Letter Template addresses punctuality issues formally, encouraging improved time management.

Our First Written Warning Letter Template addresses performance issues formally, promoting improvement and setting clear expectations.

Our First Written Warning for Lateness Letter Template addresses punctuality issues, fostering accountability and improving time management.

If an allegation of gross misconduct is upheld, send this model letter to the employee to confirm their dismissal without notice or payment in lieu of notice.

If an allegation of gross misconduct for intoxication is upheld, send this model letter to the employee to confirm their dismissal without notice or payment in lieu of notice.

Used if an employee has requested annual or other special unpaid leave, has had their request declined for legitimate business reasons but has stated that they intend to take the period of leave anyway.

If an employee is suspected of misconduct, the employer must carry out a fair and proper investigation into the allegations and determine the facts of the case through gathering evidence.

Our Investigation Meeting Invitation (to Witness) Letter Template streamlines communication, ensuring witnesses understand their role, leading to efficient and effective investigations.

Our Invitation of Witness to Disciplinary Hearing Letter Template ensures a fair and transparent process, securing essential testimony for a comprehensive hearing.

Our Notice of Suspension Letter Template ensures a formal and clear communication during employee suspension, preserving procedural fairness.

Our Postponement of Disciplinary Hearing Due to Sickness Letter Template ensures professionalism and flexibility in rescheduling hearings, respecting employee well-being.

Our Resignation While on Suspension Confirmation Letter Template acknowledges an employee's resignation during suspension, ensuring formal closure and clarity in the employment relationship.

Our Termination of Employment Following Previous Warnings Letter Template formalises dismissal after repeated warnings, ensuring compliance and clarity.

Our Unauthorised Absence Final Reminder Letter template helps address persistent absenteeism, promoting attendance and accountability.

Our Unauthorised Absence First Reminder Letter template helps address unexplained absences and prompts employee communication.

Our Unauthorised Absence Second Reminder Letter template helps address AWOL employees who haven't responded to previous notices, guiding appropriate action.

Our Verbal Warning Letter Template facilitates prompt resolution of performance issues, ensuring clear communication and promoting improvement.

Our Verbal Warning for Excessive Absence Letter Template addresses attendance issues professionally, promoting improved attendance and accountability.

Our Verbal Warning for Lateness Letter Template addresses lateness concerns promptly, emphasising the importance of punctuality and improvement.


Our File Note Form Template records first offences or minor incidents, promoting fair and consistent documentation.

This is a template investigation report that an investigator may adapt to suit the particular circumstances of their investigation.

Our Search Authorisation and Consent Form Template ensures legal compliance, obtaining consent for searches while protecting individual rights.


Our Concern about Conduct Meeting Script Template streamlines a discussion about an employee's conduct, promoting clarity and fairness for all parties involved.

Our Disciplinary Appeal Hearing Script Template ensures an organised and fair process for addressing disciplinary appeals, resolving conflicts effectively.

Our Disciplinary Hearing Script Template ensures structured proceedings, promoting fairness and adherence to disciplinary policies during hearings.

Efficiently conduct investigations with our structured meeting script, promoting fairness, consistency, and thoroughness in gathering evidence


Our Meeting for Highlighting Employee Disruptive Behaviour Script Template ensures structured discussions, addressing concerns professionally.


Use this form to determine the arragements for the investigation, including the issues to be explored, who is involved and the target date.

Our Meeting Plan for Highlighting Poor Behaviour Template streamlines discussions, addressing behavioural issues constructively for a positive work culture.