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Our Job Offer Templates Toolkit streamlines the job offer process, ensuring accurate and professional offers to successful candidates.

If you want to offer a job to a suitable applicant, these model templates will help you to complete this and other pre-employment tasks legally and effectively.

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What are Job Offers?

A job offer is a formal communication from an employer to a prospective employee, extending an invitation to join the organisation in a specific role. It outlines the terms and conditions of employment, including details such as the job title, salary or compensation package, benefits, start date, and any other relevant information related to the position.

Typically, a job offer is made after a candidate has successfully completed the recruitment process, which may involve submitting a job application, participating in interviews, and undergoing any necessary assessments or background checks. Once the employer has selected the preferred candidate, they extend a job offer to formally extend employment.

A job offer letter or email typically includes the following components:

  1. Job Title and Description: Clearly specifies the position the candidate is being offered and outlines the key responsibilities and duties associated with the role.

  2. Salary and Compensation: Details the salary, wages, or hourly rate offered to the candidate, along with any additional compensation such as bonuses, commissions, or stock options.

  3. Benefits Package: Outlines the benefits the candidate is eligible for as an employee of the organisation, which may include health insurance, retirement plans, vacation time, and other perks.

  4. Start Date: Specifies the date when the candidate is expected to begin employment with the company.

  5. Conditions of Employment: Includes any specific conditions or contingencies that must be met before the offer can be finalised, such as passing a background check or providing proof of eligibility to work.

  6. Contact Information: Provides contact details for the employer or hiring manager in case the candidate has questions or needs clarification about the offer.

Once a job offer has been extended, the candidate typically has the opportunity to review the terms and conditions before making a decision to accept or decline the offer. If the candidate accepts the offer, they may be required to sign and return the offer letter or confirm their acceptance in writing.

Job offer pack
job offer pack
job offer pack

Which legal requirements and best practices should employers keep in mind?

  • Job offers should be given in writing to avoid any confusion regarding the terms and conditions.

  • When discussing the position with the candidate, care must be taken not to suggest terms that are inconsistent with or deviate from the written offer (verbal terms can be binding and equate to contractual promises).

  • Where the company wants to verify facts about the employee before confirming employment, conditional offers should be given.

  • Any checks to verify information must be open and conducted with the employee's approval.

  • When an employer makes a clear conditional offer and the condition is not satisfied, the employer is typically allowed to withdraw the offer.

  • Employers must not discriminate in the terms and conditions they give to their employees.

What's included?

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Our Guide to Withdrawing a Job Offer in the UK offers detailed instructions and legal considerations for employers when they need to retract a job offer, ensuring compliance and fairness in the process.


A welcome letter to a new employee gets them excited for their first day, prepares them for orientation and gives necessary first-day info.

An internal applicant offer letter is essential to confirm the terms of a new position, avoiding any misunderstandings and ensuring a smooth transition.

After choosing the right person for the job, after making a verbal offer send them an offer letter for them to formally respond to.

Our Offer of Employment Withdrawal Letter Template formally and respectfully notifies a candidate that their job offer is being withdrawn, maintaining professionalism and clarity in communication.

An offer of fixed term employment letter clearly outlines the terms of a temporary role, including the duration, expectations, and compensation, providing both parties with legal protection and avoiding potential misunderstandings.

Our Offer of Permanent Employment (from Agency) Letter Template formalises the transition from assignment to permanent employment, outlining terms and welcoming candidates to the company permanently.

This letter is used where the Company wishes to offer unpaid work, detailing the job title and start date.


A Conflict of Interest refers to a situation where an employee’s personal interest might contradict the interest of the company they work for.

Our Drug and Alcohol Testing Consent Form Template simplifies obtaining consent for testing, ensuring compliance and confidentiality.

This questionnaire collects specific job-related information about a post, and relevant health information about the new starter.

This form should be completed and sent to the HR department for action once the successful candidate has been identified and a verbal offer made.