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Probation complete confirmation letter

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Our Probation Complete Confirmation Letter Template formalises successful probation periods, providing reassurance and acknowledgment to employees.

If you wish to confirm that an employee has passed their probationary period, issue this model probation complete confirmation letter template to them.

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What is a Probation complete confirmation letter?

Upon successful completion of the probationary period, the employer issues a probation complete confirmation letter. This letter serves as an official acknowledgment that the employee has met the required standards during their probation. It may include essential details like the end date of the probationary period, any salary adjustments or benefits, and any further steps the employee needs to take, such as signing a new contract. This letter provides reassurance to the employee and solidifies their position within the company.

Best practice timescale for this to be issued
When should this letter be issued?
As soon as possible after a decision is made
Issued by who, to whom
Who should issue this letter, and to whom?
The Employer (you) to the Employee
Applicable legal jurisdictions
In which jurisdictions can this letter be used?
Great Britain & NI (United Kingdom), Worldwide

How can I ensure that this letteris executed effectively?

Step Description Responsibility Timing
1 Evaluate employee performance and behaviour during probation. Manager/Supervisor Throughout Probation
2 Review employee's suitability for the role and job requirements. HR Department Throughout Probation
3 Conduct a meeting with the employee to discuss probation progress and completion. Manager/Supervisor End of Probation
4 Verify completion of the probationary period. HR Department End of Probation
5 Prepare and issue the Probation Complete Confirmation Letter. HR Department After Step 4

What legislation and best practice guidelines have been taken into account in the development of this template?

United Kingdom

While not a legal requirement, having a probationary period can be beneficial for both employers and employees. It can give the employer a chance to assess the employee's performance and suitability for the role, and it can also give the employee a chance to evaluate the organisation and the role to ensure it is the right fit for them.

There are several employment laws and regulations to consider. Some of the key employment laws to consider include:

  • The Equality Act 2010: This law prohibits discrimination against employees on the basis of protected characteristics such as age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation. Employers should ensure that the letter does not discriminate against any employee based on any of these characteristics.

  • The Employment Rights Act 1996: This law sets out the requirement for employers to provide employees with written reasons for any dismissal, including dismissal during a probationary period. If an employee's probationary period is not being extended or they are being dismissed following unsuccessful completion of their probation, the employer must ensure that they provide written reasons for their decision.

  • The ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures: This code sets out best practice for handling disciplinary and grievance procedures in the workplace. Employers should ensure that they follow the code's guidance when issuing the letter, including providing clear and concise information about the employee's successful completion of their probationary period.

  • The Data Protection Act 2018: This law sets out the requirements for processing personal data, including employee data. Employers should ensure that they are complying with data protection requirements when issuing the letter and that they obtain the employee's consent to process their personal data.

  • The terms of the employee's contract: Employers should ensure that the terms of the employee's contract are reflected in the letter, including any agreed probationary period, and that the letter accurately reflects the terms of the employment relationship.

It is important for employers to ensure that the successful probation confirmation letter is accurate, up-to-date, and compliant with all relevant employment laws and regulations. The letter should be written in clear and understandable language and should be provided to the employee in a format that is accessible to them. Employers should ensure that the employee has had the opportunity to read and understand the letter and that they have been given the opportunity to ask any questions or raise any concerns.

Other territories

Consult your jurisdiction's employment legislation or labor laws to ensure compliance with the template. Review the language for local precision.

Probation complete confirmation [Delete this line]

[Company name]

[Sender address]



[Recipient name]

[Recipient address]


Dear [Recipient first name],


Completion of Probation

I am pleased to confirm that you have successfully completed your probationary period with [Company Name]. Your commitment, hard work, and dedication have been appreciated during your probationary period, and we are delighted to confirm that you have met the required standards.

[You will receive a salary increase that was agreed upon in your employment contract.]

We trust that you will continue to work hard, excel in your role, and contribute positively to our team. We take pride in our team members and appreciate their hard work in achieving our common goals. If you have any concerns or questions about your employment, feel free to approach your line manager or the HR team.

Once again, congratulations on completing your probationary period, and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Yours [faithfully | sincerely],



[Sender name]

[Sender job title]

[Sender telephone]
[Sender email]

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Get much more with our
Probation template toolkit:

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