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Probation review form

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Our Probation Review Form Template streamlines evaluation, ensuring consistent and objective assessments during the probationary period.

This model review form contains key areas which may require review within a formal evaluation of the performance of a new employee.

In addition, understanding whether the employee fits in to the culture of the organisation is vital, so it is recommended that an assessment of their performance against Core Values (if you have them) is also reviewed.

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What is a Probation review form?

The purpose of a Probation Review Form Template is to facilitate the evaluation and assessment of an employee's performance and suitability during their probationary period.

The form provides a structured and standardized way for managers or supervisors to review the employee's progress, strengths, areas for improvement, and overall performance against the set probationary objectives. It helps ensure consistency and fairness in the evaluation process by guiding managers to provide specific feedback and document any concerns or achievements during the probationary period. The template also allows for discussions on the employee's career development, training needs, and potential for confirmation in the role.

Ultimately, the Probation Review Form Template aids in making informed decisions about whether the employee should be confirmed in the position, given further support or training, or if their employment should be terminated based on performance during the probationary period.

Best practice timescale for this to be issued
When should this form be issued?
During the meeting itself
Issued by who, to whom
Who should issue this form, and to whom?
The Employer (you) to the Employee
Applicable legal jurisdictions
In which jurisdictions can this form be used?
Great Britain & NI (United Kingdom), Worldwide

What legislation and best practice guidelines have been taken into account in the development of this template?

United Kingdom
  • Employment Rights Act 1996: Provides guidelines on the use and duration of probationary periods and the need to provide employees with feedback during the probationary period.

  • Equality Act 2010: Ensures that evaluations during the probationary period are not influenced by discrimination based on protected characteristics.

  • Data Protection Act 2018: Ensures that employee data related to probationary reviews is handled securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Other territories

Consult your jurisdiction's employment legislation or labor laws to ensure compliance with the template. Review the language for local precision.

Probation review

Line manager:  
Review date:  


  • Comment on knowledge of responsibilities and expertise
  • How is the appointee’s performance rated against:
    • Competencies demonstrated during interviews which prompted their appointment
    • The role profile issued at the start of employment
    • Objectives set at the start of employment.
Working environment:
  • Is the environment in which they work suitable for them (seating/lighting/equipment etc.)
  • Do they have any issues/difficulties travelling to/from work.
  • Was the induction into the company, team and role comprehensive enough?
  • Are there any areas that need clarification or may need to be enhanced for the benefit of future appointees; either in the company at large, immediate team or that specific role?

Performance against [Company's] Core Values:

(Supplant the following examples for ones that relate to your organisation)

  • H&S training completed
  • Near misses reported
  • Accidents
  • Are their communications skills good (written and verbal – do they explain well)?
  • Do they contribute?
  • Have they suggested/implemented improvements to processes/documentation?
  • Have they identified development / training needs?
  • What is the quality of their relationships with direct line management, immediate team, wider colleagues?
  • Do they satisfy their customer(s)?
  • Is their accuracy good?
  • Do they complete work to quality standards?
  • Do they display good decision making?
  • Is their attendance record satisfactory?
  • Are they punctual (to work/meetings/deadlines etc.)?
  • Do they have good personal presentation/adhere to dress code etc.?
  • Do they show respect for others?
  • Do they lead by example?
  • Adaptability, reliability, helpfulness and commitment within, and to, the team.
  • Do they show respect for others?
  • Do they lead by example?
  • Adaptability, reliability, helpfulness and commitment within, and to, the team.

Appointing manager's decision


  Probation has been passed
  Probation should be extended
  Probation has not been passed and the employee should be terminated (Please seek HR advice before communicating this to the employee)

Comments/ supporting statement

(including how long the probation should be extended for, and the reasons for this (if applicable))


Acknowledgement of completion of the content of the interview

Interviewee signature:  
Interviewee name:  

Version: [1.0]

Issue date: [date]

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£ 9

Get much more with our
Probation template toolkit:

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Probation review form
probation review form