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Job application form

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If you are recruiting into your organisation, this model job application form template will help you to review candidates consistently and effectively.

Comparisons between candidates are easier to judge when you have the same information in the same format.

This application form incorporates the following sections:

  • Applicant details (including name and address, Visa, Rehabilitation of Offenders, Car etc.)
  • Education and Qualifications
  • Employment History
  • Reasons For Application
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • References

It is compliant with GDPR.

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10 mins
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What is a Job application form?

A job application form is a document used by employers to collect information from job applicants. It typically includes a set of questions that ask about the applicant's personal details, work history, education, skills, and experience. The purpose of the job application form is to gather information that can be used to assess the applicant's suitability for the role and to ensure that the hiring process is fair and consistent.

Job application forms can be either paper-based or online, and may vary in length and complexity depending on the requirements of the role and the employer's recruitment process. They are often accompanied by a job description and person specification, which provide details about the role and the qualifications and experience required to be considered for the position.

Using application forms in recruiting may be especially beneficial if the forms are well prepared and created in accordance with the job criteria.

A well-structured application form will also assist an employer in extracting pertinent information from applicants in order to evaluate their suitability. Employers can objectively analyse whether the individual is fit to the position by comparing the information presented to the person specification and job description.

Adopting a standardised recruitment procedure allows applicants to compete on equal footing. However, in order to provide equality of opportunity for disadvantaged groups, the employer may need to consider making reasonable changes in the application process.

Best practice timescale for this to be issued
When should this form be issued?
As and when required by a candidate
Issued by who, to whom
Who should issue this form, and to whom?
The Candidate to the Employer (you)
Applicable legal jurisdiction
In which jurisdiction can this form be used?
Great Britain & NI (United Kingdom)

What legislation and best practice guidelines have been taken into account in the development of this template?

There are several employment law considerations that an employer should make when designing a job application form in the UK, including:

  1. Equality Act: The employer should ensure that the job application form does not discriminate against any applicant based on any protected characteristics, such as age, disability, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. The form should be designed to be accessible and easy to understand for all applicants.
  2. Data Protection: The employer must comply with data protection laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), when collecting, storing, and processing personal data about the job applicants. The employer should obtain the applicant's consent to collect and process their personal data and ensure that it is only used for legitimate business purposes.
  3. Nationality and Immigration: The employer should include a statement on the job application form confirming that the applicant has the right to work in the UK. The form should also request proof of the applicant's right to work, such as a passport or visa.
  4. Health and Safety: The employer should obtain information on any health or safety concerns that may affect the applicant's ability to carry out the job safely. This information should be used to assess any potential risks and to provide appropriate training and support.
  5. Criminal Record Check: Depending on the nature of the role, the employer may be required to obtain a criminal record check for the successful applicant. This is particularly important for roles that involve working with vulnerable individuals or children.

Job application

Application for employment

(Please print clearly in black ink and block letters or type. Additional sheets may be used where necessary)

Position applied for:  

Personal details

Full name:  
Contact telephone:  

Immigration and asylum

Are you legally entitled to work in the UK? (circle)

In line with the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996, we have to ask for proof of your right to work in the UK. Therefore, if you are invited for interview please bring with you to the interview your original:

a) National Insurance Number e.g. N.I. Card, old payslip, P60, or

b) Passport, Work Permit, Certificate of Registration, or

c) Official confirmation of Naturalisation as a British Citizen

Yes | No

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act

Please note any criminal convictions except those spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. If none, please state. In certain circumstances employment is dependent upon obtaining basic disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau / Scottish Criminal Records Office.  


Do you own a current valid driving license? (circle) Yes | No
If YES, please enter details of any endorsements:  
Do you have the use of a car? (circle) Yes | No

Planned commitments

Please state if you have any holiday dates planned within the next 12 months, or any ongoing commitments requiring time off work, such as Armed forces training / education etc.  


What notice would you need to give your current employer? (if applicable)  
Please also note any other employment that would continue if you were to be successful in obtaining this position.  

Education and qualifications (most recent first)

Dates (from & to) School / College / University Qualifications gained

Employment history (most recent first)

Dates (from & to) Employer name and job title Salary upon leaving Reason for leaving

Reasons for application

Please detail here your specific reasons for this application, your main achievements to date, any other training you have undertaken and the strengths you would bring to this post.

Hobbies and interests

Please note here your leisure interests, sports and hobbies, other pastimes etc.


We require that satisfactory references be obtained in respect of your previous employment (if applicable). Please give the names of two referees one of which must be your current or last employer. Your current employer will only be contacted for a reference if you are offered and you accept employment.


I confirm that the information contained within this application, including any CV and cover letter that I have provided is correct and that any untrue or misleading information will give my employer the right to terminate any employment contract offered.

I agree that the company reserves the right to require me to undergo a medical examination. (Should we require further information and wish to contact your doctor with a view to obtaining a medical report, the law requires us to inform you of our intention and obtain your permission prior to contacting your doctor.) I agree that this information will be retained in my personnel file during my employment and for up to six years thereafter and understand that information will be processed in accordance with GDPR/the Data Protection Act.

I agree that should I be successful in this application, I will, if required, give my authorisation for the company to apply to the Criminal Records Bureau / Scottish Criminal Records Office for a standard disclosure. I understand that should I fail to do so, or should the disclosure not be to the satisfaction of the company any offer of employment may be withdrawn or my employment terminated.


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Get much more with our
Job application template toolkit:

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Job application form
job application form