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Employee Offboarding Checklist form

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Our Employee Offboarding Checklist Form Template ensures a thorough and organised process, covering essential steps to smoothly transition departing employees out of the organisation.

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What is an Employee Offboarding Checklist form?

The purpose of this Employee Offboarding Checklist form is to provide you with a flexible and customisable document to serve as a robust and effective starting point for you.

By using our Employee Offboarding Checklist form, you can streamline your process, maintain consistency and accuracy, and save time, and it can be easily adapted to fit your specific scenario.

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Use as soon as the departure of an employee is confirmed (either by resignation or by dismissal)
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Great Britain & NI (United Kingdom), Worldwide

Employee Offboarding Checklist

1. Notification of Termination:

Prepare a termination letter or acceptance of resignation letter.

2. Final Pay and Benefits:

Calculate the employee's final pay, including any outstanding salary, accrued holiday pay, and other entitlements.

Provide the employee with details of their final pay and benefits, including any severance pay or redundancy package, in writing.

3. Return of Company Property:

Compile a list of company property issued to the employee, including laptops, mobile phones, access badges, and keys.

Arrange for the return of all company property and ensure that the employee signs off on the return of each item.

4. Access and Security:

Notify IT and facilities management to revoke the employee's access to company systems, networks, and premises.

Collect any access badges, keys, or security passes issued to the employee and update access control systems accordingly.

5. Exit Interview:

Schedule an exit interview with the employee to gather feedback on their experience with the company, reasons for leaving, and suggestions for improvement.

Conduct the exit interview in a confidential and supportive manner, ensuring that the employee feels comfortable providing honest feedback.

6. Benefits and Entitlements:

Provide the employee with information on their entitlements following termination, including access to healthcare through COBRA (if applicable) and pension arrangements.

Assist the employee with any paperwork or processes required to access their benefits or transfer their pension.

7. Communication with Staff:

Notify relevant departments and colleagues of the employee's departure, ensuring a smooth transition of responsibilities and workload.

Prepare an internal announcement acknowledging the employee's contributions and wishing them well in their future endeavours.

8. Legal and Compliance Obligations:

Review any employment contracts, agreements, or restrictive covenants to ensure compliance with legal obligations post-termination.

Provide the employee with copies of any agreements or documents they are required to adhere to following termination, such as non-compete or confidentiality agreements.

9. Exit Documentation:

Complete any necessary paperwork related to the employee's departure, including tax forms, exit surveys, and acknowledgments of legal obligations.

Provide the employee with copies of all relevant documentation and ensure that they understand their rights and obligations upon termination.

10. Future Contact and References:

Obtain the employee's consent for future contact, such as participation in alumni networks or job opportunities.

Provide the employee with information on how to request references and recommendations, and outline the company's policy on providing references.

11. Follow-Up and Support:

Follow up with the employee after their departure to ensure that they have everything they need and to address any outstanding questions or concerns.

Offer ongoing support and assistance to the employee as they transition to their next role or career opportunity.

12. Data Protection and GDPR Compliance:

Ensure that all employee data is handled in accordance with GDPR regulations, including securely deleting or anonymizing personal data as required.

Provide the employee with information on how their personal data will be processed following termination and obtain any necessary consents or permissions.

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Employee Offboarding Checklist form
employee offboarding checklist form