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One-to-One Review Meeting Action Plan

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Our One-to-One Review Meeting Action Plan Template documents agreed-upon goals and actions, ensuring accountability and progress tracking following constructive discussions between managers and employees.

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What is an One-to-One Review Meeting Action Plan?

The One-to-One Review Meeting Action Plan serves as a roadmap for both managers and employees to implement agreed-upon goals and actions discussed during performance reviews.

This plan outlines specific tasks, timelines, and responsibilities to ensure accountability and progress tracking.

It's purpose is to translate feedback and objectives into actionable steps, fostering continuous improvement and development within the organisation.

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One-to-One Review Meeting Action Plan

Employee Name: [Insert Employee Name]

Manager Name: [Insert Manager Name]

Date of Meeting: [Insert Date of Meeting]

Action Items:

  1. Objective Setting:

    • Employee to finalise and document SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) objectives for the upcoming quarter.

    • Manager to review and provide feedback on the objectives within [insert timeframe].

  2. Development Plan:

    • Employee to identify at least two areas for development based on feedback and discussion during the meeting.

    • Manager to recommend relevant training courses or resources to support the employee's development goals.

  3. Feedback Implementation:

    • Employee to actively work on areas identified for improvement and implement feedback provided during the meeting.

    • Manager to provide ongoing support and guidance as needed to facilitate improvement.

  4. Career Discussion:

    • Employee to reflect on career aspirations and long-term goals discussed during the meeting.

    • Manager to explore potential career paths within the organization and identify opportunities for growth and advancement.

  5. Regular Check-ins:

    • Schedule regular check-in meetings to monitor progress on objectives and development goals.

    • Agree on the frequency of these meetings (e.g., bi-weekly, monthly) and set dates for upcoming check-ins.


  • All action items to be completed within [insert timeframe].

  • Regular check-in meetings to commence from [insert start date].


  • Both the employee and manager are responsible for ensuring timely completion of action items and achieving the agreed-upon goals.

  • Any challenges or obstacles encountered during the implementation of the action plan should be communicated promptly for resolution.

Follow-up Meeting:

  • Schedule a follow-up one-to-one review meeting to evaluate progress and discuss any adjustments to the action plan.

  • Tentative date for the follow-up meeting: [insert tentative date].


  • This action plan serves as a guide for ongoing development and performance improvement.

  • Flexibility is key, and adjustments to the plan may be necessary based on evolving needs and circumstances.

  • Open communication between the employee and manager is essential for the successful execution of the action plan.

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£ 9

Get much more with our
Learning and development template toolkit:
One-to-One Review Meeting Action Plan
one-to-one review meeting action plan