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Virtual onboarding checklist form

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Our Virtual Onboarding Checklist form template provides a comprehensive guide for remote onboarding, ensuring new employees receive the necessary support, information, and tools to succeed in a virtual work environment.

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What is a Virtual onboarding checklist form?

The Virtual Onboarding Checklist is a comprehensive resource designed to streamline and enhance the process of welcoming and integrating new employees into a remote work environment. It offers a structured framework that guides HR professionals and managers through the essential steps of virtual onboarding, covering key areas such as paperwork, IT setup, training, and cultural assimilation. This checklist ensures a smooth transition for new hires, enabling them to become productive and engaged team members from day one, even when working remotely.

By utilising the Virtual Onboarding Checklist, organisations can efficiently manage the onboarding process, fostering a positive first impression and engagement for new employees. This resource helps employers maintain compliance with legal requirements, safeguard data security, and establish clear communication channels. In the era of remote work, this checklist is an invaluable tool for HR professionals and managers to adapt their onboarding processes to the evolving work landscape, facilitating a seamless and effective transition for both the organisation and its new talents.

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Virtual onboarding checklist

Before the First Day

Welcome Email: Send a personalised welcome email to the new hire, including important details, schedule, and necessary links.

Preparation of Equipment: Ensure the new hire's computer, software, and any other equipment are set up and ready.

Training Resources: Provide access to training materials, including videos, guides, and documents.

Introduction to Team: Share an introduction email or document with team members and their roles

Schedule a Welcome Call: Arrange a video call with HR or the manager to welcome the new hire, explain the onboarding process, and answer initial questions.

Company Policies: Share and explain important company policies, including code of conduct, security guidelines, and remote work policies.

Software and Tools: Ensure the new hire has access to all necessary software, tools, and login credentials.

First Day

Orientation Meeting: Schedule a video meeting with HR or the manager for an initial orientation.

Company Overview: Provide an overview of the company's history, mission, and values.

Team Introduction: Introduce the new hire to team members through video calls or profiles on the company's communication platform.

Review Job Role: Explain the new hire's role, responsibilities, and expectations.

IT Support: Offer IT support for any initial technical issues.

Company Culture: Discuss the company culture, values, and remote work etiquette.

First Week

Training Sessions: Schedule training sessions, webinars, or e-learning courses.

Mentor Assignment: Assign a mentor or buddy for guidance and support.

Communication Tools: Provide guidance on using communication and collaboration tools, like chat apps, video conferencing, and project management software.

HR Meetings: Conduct HR meetings for document submissions and benefits explanation.

Feedback Channels: Explain how to provide feedback and who to contact for support.

First Month

Performance Expectations: Review performance expectations and establish KPIs.

Feedback Session: Conduct a feedback session to address questions or concerns.

Check-Ins: Schedule regular check-ins with the manager to monitor progress.

Team Building Activities: Plan virtual team-building activities or events to foster connections.

Development Plan: Collaborate with the new hire to create a development plan.


Company News: Keep the new hire updated on company news and developments.

Feedback Surveys: Gather feedback on the onboarding process and address any issues.

Additional Training: Provide opportunities for ongoing skill development and training.

Access to Resources: Ensure the new hire has access to all necessary resources, including databases and documentation.

Welcome Gift: Consider sending a welcome gift to the new hire's home address.

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Virtual onboarding checklist form
virtual onboarding checklist form