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Organisational analysis form

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Organisational analysis is a process of evaluating an organization's structure, culture, systems, and processes to identify areas for improvement and enhance overall performance.

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What is an Organisational analysis form?

An Organisational Analysis form is a tool used to assess the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation in various areas, such as its structure, culture, human resources, finances, and operations. It provides a framework for analysing the organisation's performance and identifying areas for improvement.

The form typically includes sections for collecting information about the organisation's structure, culture, human resources practices, finances, and operations, as well as a SWOT analysis to identify the organisation's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

The purpose of an Organisational Analysis form is to provide a comprehensive overview of the organisation's performance and to identify areas for improvement. This information can then be used to develop a plan for addressing the identified issues and improving the organisation's overall effectiveness and efficiency.

An Organisational Analysis form can be customised to suit the specific needs and objectives of any organisation. It is a valuable tool for HR professionals, consultants, and other stakeholders who are responsible for assessing and improving organisational performance.

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Organisational analysis

I. General Information

  1. Name of the organisation: _________________________________
  2. Date of analysis: _________________________________
  3. Name of analyst: _________________________________
  4. Purpose of analysis: _________________________________

II. Organisational Structure

  1. Describe the organisational structure (e.g., functional, divisional, matrix):

  1. Are there any current issues or concerns with the organisational structure? If so, please describe:

III. Culture and Climate

  1. Describe the organisation's culture and climate:

  1. Are there any current issues or concerns with the organisation's culture and climate? If so, please describe:

IV. Human Resources

  1. How many employees does the organisation have? _____________________________

  2. What is the employee turnover rate? _____________________________

  3. Are there any current issues or concerns with human resources practices? If so, please describe:

V. Finances

  1. What is the organisation's annual revenue? _____________________________

  2. What is the organisation's annual budget? _____________________________

  3. Are there any current financial issues or concerns? If so, please describe:

VI. Operations

  1. What are the primary products or services offered by the organization? _____________________________

  2. How are these products or services delivered? _____________________________

  3. Are there any current issues or concerns with operations? If so, please describe:

VII. SWOT Analysis

  1. Strengths: __________________________________________________________

  2. Weaknesses: __________________________________________________________

  3. Opportunities: __________________________________________________________

  4. Threats: __________________________________________________________

VIII. Recommendations

  1. Based on the analysis, what are the key issues or areas for improvement? __________________________________________________________

  2. What recommendations do you have for addressing these issues or areas for improvement? __________________________________________________________

Signed: _____________________________ Date: _____________________________

Version: [1.0]

Issue date: [date]

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£ 9

Get much more with our
HR strategy template toolkit:
Organisational analysis form
organisational analysis form