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Dismissal confirmation meeting script

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Our Dismissal Confirmation Meeting Script template provides a structured approach, maintaining sensitivity and clarity while discussing the reasons for dismissal with the employee.

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What is a Dismissal confirmation meeting script?

This script template offers a structured framework for conducting dismissal meetings, ensuring a respectful and consistent approach. It outlines the process, covers key points, and provides guidance for communicating the decision clearly and empathetically. The script aims to facilitate a well-managed and sensitive discussion, promoting transparency while minimising the potential distress associated with the termination of employment.

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During the meeting itself
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The Employer (you) to the Employee
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Great Britain & NI (United Kingdom), Worldwide

Dismissal confirmation meeting Script [Delete this line]


  • Thank you for joining us today, [Employee's Name]. [HR Representative's Name], if present, may also introduce themselves.

[Purpose of the Meeting]

  • We have gathered today to discuss the outcome of our previous meeting and to formally communicate the decision that has been reached regarding your employment.

[Review of Previous Discussion]

  • In our previous meeting on [Date of Previous Meeting], we discussed [briefly recap the nature of the issue discussed and the options considered].

[Decision Outcome]

  • After careful consideration of all available information and our discussion, we have come to a decision regarding your employment.
  • Unfortunately, the decision has been made to terminate your employment with [Company Name], effective [Effective Date of Termination]. This decision is based on [briefly outline the specific reasons for the dismissal, such as performance issues, misconduct, etc.].

[Details of Termination]

  • Your final salary will include [details about final salary components, unused leave, etc.]. You will also receive any necessary paperwork related to your termination, including [mention any relevant documents].

[Return of Company Property]

  • We kindly request that you return all company property, including [list specific items like keys, access cards, equipment, etc.], by [Deadline for Property Return]. You can coordinate the return of these items with [HR Representative's Name].

[Severance or Exit Package Information (if applicable)]

  •  [If applicable, provide information about any severance or exit package that the employee will receive, including details on benefits continuation, outplacement services, etc.]

[Next Steps]

  • In the coming days, you will receive a formal written notice of your termination that will outline the details we've discussed today. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to [HR Representative's Name] or myself.


  • We kindly request that you maintain the confidentiality of our discussion and the details of your dismissal.

[Acknowledgment of Understanding]

  • We would appreciate it if you could acknowledge your understanding of today's discussion. This will help us ensure that there is a clear record of our conversation.

[Closing Remarks]

  • We understand that this news may be difficult to digest. We genuinely appreciate the contributions you've made during your time at [Company Name]. We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

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£ 9

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Dismissal template toolkit:

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Dismissal confirmation meeting script
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Dismissal confirmation meeting script
dismissal confirmation meeting script