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Temporary promotion letter

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Our Temporary Promotion Letter Template streamlines communication, formalising temporary role changes to employees with clarity.

Use this model letter to confim a temporary promotion to an employee, including relevant dates, reasons, and pay changes.

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What is a Temporary promotion letter?

A temporary promotion letter outlines an employee's higher job position for a specific period, detailing title, salary, and duties. It provides opportunities for development and fills temporary leadership gaps. After the period, the employee may return to the previous role or be considered for a permanent promotion based on performance.

Best practice timescale for this to be issued
When should this letter be issued?
As soon as possible after a decision is made
Issued by who, to whom
Who should issue this letter, and to whom?
The Employer (you) to the Employee
Applicable legal jurisdictions
In which jurisdictions can this letter be used?
Great Britain & NI (United Kingdom), Worldwide

How can I ensure that this letteris executed effectively?

Step Description Responsibility Timing (Days from Decision)
1 Identify Promotion Need: Identify the need for a temporary promotion to fill a leadership or expertise gap. HR / Management Team N/A
2 Review Employee Eligibility: Review employee performance and qualifications to select suitable candidates for the temporary promotion. HR / Management Team Day 1
3 Prepare Temporary Promotion Letter: Create a comprehensive Temporary Promotion Letter, including promotion duration, title, salary, responsibilities, and terms. HR / Management Team Day 5
4 Obtain Approval: Seek necessary approvals from relevant stakeholders, such as upper management or executives. HR / Management Team Day 7
5 Issue the Letter: After finalising the letter and obtaining approvals, issue the Temporary Promotion Letter to the selected employee, formally confirming the temporary promotion details. HR / Management Team Day 10 (Or as deemed appropriate)

What legislation and best practice guidelines have been taken into account in the development of this template?

United Kingdom
  • Employment Rights Act 1996: Ensures that employees are provided with written notification of any changes in their terms and conditions of employment, including temporary promotions.

  • Equality Act 2010: Prohibits discrimination in promotions based on protected characteristics, such as gender, race, age, or disability.

  • Data Protection Act 2018: Ensures that employee data related to temporary promotions is handled securely and confidentially.

Other territories

Consult your jurisdiction's employment legislation or labor laws to ensure compliance with the template. Review the language for local precision.

Temporary promotion [Delete this line]

[Company name]

[Sender address]



[Recipient name]

[Recipient address]


Dear [Recipient first name],


Confirmation of temporary promotion

Further to recent discussions I am pleased to confirm that you will be promoted to the position of [Job title], reporting to [Job title/name] within the [Department] department.

This is a temporary arrangement [to cover maternity leave]/[to cover sickness absence]/[to provide interim cover during the process of recruiting a permanent replacement][other]. This change is effective from [date], and is anticipated to end no later than [specific date]/[when [name] returns from [maternity leave]/[sickness absence]/[other leave]/[other].

In reflection of the additional responsibility you are taking on during this time, [your salary will be temporarily increased to £[amount] during the course of your acting up period]/[you will receive a one off payment of £[amount] on [date]]. In all other respects your terms and conditions of employment remain unchanged. At the end of your acting up period, you will revert to your substantive role and terms and conditions.

Please confirm your acceptance by signing and returning to me the attached copy of this letter. [I also enclose for your reference a copy of your new job description].

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you every success in your temporary role.

Yours [faithfully | sincerely],



[Sender name]

[Sender job title]

[Sender telephone]
[Sender email]

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Get much more with our
Terms and conditions template toolkit:
Temporary promotion letter
temporary promotion letter