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Record of training completed form

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Use this model form to record any internal training that an employee/team/group has attended and completed.

Keeping a formal record of training underaken allows you to enure that you hold proof that the employee has been trained, which may be useful for auditing purposes, as well as for performance issues/grievances.

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What is a Record of training completed form?

A record of training completed is a document that records the details of the training courses or programs that an individual has completed. This document serves as evidence that the individual has acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to perform certain tasks or job functions.

Employers often maintain records of training completed for their employees as part of their employee development and performance management programs. This information can be used to identify areas where additional training may be needed, to track compliance with regulatory requirements, or to support career development and advancement opportunities.

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Great Britain & NI (United Kingdom), Worldwide

Record of training completed

Trainee name:  
Line manager:  
Job title:  
Course cost:  


Process/task name:  
Trainer name:  

Description of process/task:

Please describe the training undertaken or attach the Standard Operating Procedure/other guidance used.

Date training completed :  


I confirm that I have received training/guidance on the subject(s) described above. I understand the guidance and will ensure that it is followed.

Trainee signature:  


Trainer signature:  

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Issue date: [date]

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Record of training completed form
record of training completed form