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Performance appraisal policy

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Use this if you require a robust and practical performance appraisal policy.

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What is a Performance appraisal policy?

The purpose of this Performance appraisal policy is to provide you with a flexible and customisable document to serve as a robust and effective starting point for you.

By using our Performance appraisal policy, you can streamline your process, maintain consistency and accuracy, and save time, and it can be easily adapted to fit your specific scenario.

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Performance appraisal Policy


The Company has a Performance Development Review scheme. The aims and purposes of the Scheme are:

  • To help managers and staff to make effective arrangements to identify and meet learning needs
  • To develop the skills, knowledge, values and behaviour that staff need to do their current jobs well

Performance Development Review - The Process

There are 3 stages in the process:

  1. Preparation - where you and your manager prepare separately for the interview using the appropriate documentation.
  2. The Performance Development Review discussion - where a personal development plan is agreed by you and your manager.
  3. Monitor and Review - the method and timescale for monitoring should be agreed at the discussion stage and implemented throughout the year.

The Performance Development Review documentation is available from your line manager.

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Get much more with our
Training and development policy bundle:
Performance appraisal policy
performance appraisal policy