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Criminal record checks policy

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If you are undertaking criminal record checks as part of your onboarding process, this model policy provides you with a legal, effective framework.

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What is a Criminal record checks policy?

Knowing ahead of time whether a candidate has a violent, threatening, or high-risk criminal history allows you to make more informed hiring decisions based on your organisation's risk tolerance, job-specific requirements, industry regulations, and other factors.

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During onboarding / after changes / planned refresher
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Internally issued to appropriate recipients in your Company
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Great Britain & NI (United Kingdom), Worldwide

Criminal record checks Policy


These policy outlines the requirement for some employees to undergo a criminal records check.


This policy is applicable to all employees of [company name].

General principles

If during your employment with us you are likely to come into contact with [sensitive information | children | vulnerable adults] (or certain other particular circumstances) you] may be required to undergo a criminal records check. 

Should this be the case, we will discuss the situation with you prior to confirming your appointment (or relevant change to your job).

This policy [does not] form[s] part of your terms and conditions of employment.

Version: [1.0]

Issue date: [date]

Author: [name, job title]

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£ 9

Get much more with our
Security and information policy bundle:
Criminal record checks policy
criminal record checks policy