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Confidentiality agreement

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Use this model standalone confidentiality agreement prior to discussion of a role / project / consultancy in detail.

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What is a Confidentiality agreement?

To prevent an employee or worker from sharing information, you could use a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

It's a written agreement that could be found:

  • In a job contract.
  • In a settlement agreement.
  • In a separate, standalone document.

This could be when a job begins or ends, or at another point.

An NDA may be signed by an employer and an employee or worker for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To protect proprietary information when starting a new job.
  • To keep details private after a disagreement.

When an NDA should not be used by an employer

An NDA cannot prevent:

  • Whistleblowing.
  • Reporting a crime to the police.

An NDA should not be used:

  • To prevent someone from reporting discrimination, harassment, or sexual harassment.
  • To conceal inappropriate or improper behaviour, especially if there is a risk of it happening again.
  • To avoid dealing with workplace disputes or problems.
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Confidentiality agreement

You must not, whether during your contract with the Company or after the end of it, unless expressly authorised in writing by your nominated Manager, disclose to any unauthorised person or use any confidential information relating to the business affairs or trade secrets of the Company. This includes any detail about the Company's products, technical data, any matter relating to the company or its business, customers and employees, actual potential or past and all details relating to information on the Company's database.

During the course of your contract with the Company you may have access to, gain knowledge of or be entrusted with information of a confidential nature. This shall include, but is not limited to:

  1. The identity, address or telephone number of any Customer of the Company.
  2. The contact name within a customer.
  3. Any list or lists of the Company's Customers whether in written or printed form or held in an electronic medium
  4. Details of the equipment supplied to or ordered by any Customers of the Company.
  5. The price at which the Company purchases the raw materials it purchases and/or the price at which the Company supplies its products to its customers.
  6. Any discount or remainder price at which the Company may from time to time offer to its customers for all or any of the equipment, products or services sit provides.
  7. Details concerning the organisation of the business of the Company or any part of it.
  8. The identity, name, address, telephone number or other personal details of the Company's sales force or any employees engaged in its sales operations or any list of the same.

You agree that you shall not either during your contract with the Company or after the end of it, make use of for your own or another persons benefit, or divulge to a person not authorised by the Company to receive it, any confidential information as described or referred to above concerning the Company's business which may have been disclosed to or have otherwise come into your possession during your contract with the Company.

If such disclosure or misuse of information occurs during the course of your contract the Company will treat such conduct as gross misconduct and reserves the right to terminate your contract without notice or payment in lieu.

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Confidentiality agreement
confidentiality agreement