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Training cost repayment agreement form

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If you are sponsoring training, this model agreement details the cost repayment schedule if the employee resigns before or shortly after it is complete.

It uses a sliding scale for a repayment commitment up to 12 months after the training is completed.

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What is a Training cost repayment agreement form?

Employers can only deduct money for training courses if it was agreed in the contract or in writing beforehand.

For example, an employer could ask someone to agree in writing before a training course to pay back costs if they leave within 6 months.

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The Employer (you) to the Employee
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Great Britain & NI (United Kingdom), Worldwide

Training cost repayment agreement

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Course title:  
Course cost:  

If you leave the company (through resignation or dismissal) during the training or you fail to complete the training or sit any required examinations the full cost of the funding will be required to be repaid.

If you leave the company within 12 months following completion of the above training, and the course value is £[amount] or more, you will be required to repay a proportion of the training costs incurred as shown below:

Duration of Service Repayment
Leaving within 6 months of completing the training 100%
Between 6 and 7 months 90%
Between 7 and 8 months 70%
Between 8 and 9 months 50%
Between 9 and 10 months 40%
Between 10 and 11 months 30%
Between 11 and 12 months 20%

If you fail to sit an exam that has been paid for by the company, you will be required to fund any examination re-sits or study for the re-take during your own time.

You will not be required to make any repayment if, following your training the company terminates your employment through no fault of your own (for example, on grounds of redundancy).


By signing this form, you agree to these rules governing repayment of training fees. You also agree that if you do not promptly comply with these rules, the sum due to the company will be recovered in accordance with clause 12 of your Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment.).

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Training cost repayment agreement form
training cost repayment agreement form