Parental policy templates

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If you need policies to communicate your family friendly rules and support, these policy templates provide an effective legal framework.

Flexible working, enhanced maternity leave, and additional childcare provision policies promote more equal sharing of work and childcare between men and women, allowing both to reach their full potential at work.

Family-friendly policies are also beneficial to business, since they help to recruit and retain people while also increasing productivity.

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What are Parental Policies?

Parental policies are policies designed to support employees who have family responsibilities, including caring for children, elderly parents, or other dependents. Maternity, paternity, and parental leave are some of the most important family-friendly policies that companies may include in their handbook.

These policies help support employees in balancing their work and family responsibilities, which can lead to increased job satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty. Companies may offer different types and amounts of leave depending on their policies, but in general, these policies provide employees with the time and support they need to care for their families without sacrificing their careers.

Parental policy templates
parental policy templates
parental policy templates

Which legal requirements and best practices should employers keep in mind?

Here are some UK employment legislations that support parental policies:

  1. The Employment Rights Act 1996: This legislation provides statutory maternity, paternity, and adoption leave and pay entitlements for eligible employees.
  2. The Parental Leave and Pay Regulations 2020: This legislation provides for parental leave and pay entitlements for eligible employees, including shared parental leave and pay.
  3. The Flexible Working Regulations 2014: This legislation gives eligible employees the right to request flexible working arrangements, such as working part-time or working from home, to help them balance their work and family responsibilities.
  4. The Maternity and Parental Leave etc. Regulations 1999: This legislation provides job protection for employees on maternity or adoption leave, and for parents taking parental leave.
  5. The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006: This legislation prohibits age discrimination in employment, which can help support older employees who have caring responsibilities.
  6. The Care Act 2014: This legislation sets out the duty of local authorities to assess and meet the needs of carers, including employees who have caring responsibilities.

These legislations support parental policies by promoting positive working arrangements and preventing discrimination.

What's included?

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Use this if you require a robust and practical Maternity leave and pay policy.

Use this if you require a robust and practical Parental leave policy.

This model policy provides information about Statutory Paternity Leave and pay.

Use this if you require a robust and practical Shared parental leave policy.